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About me


Since 2016, I have been working as a coach and mediator (M.A.) in companies, corporations and further education institutions and accompany executives and teams. In addition, I work in the field of leadership qualification through potential analyses and trainings on various leadership topics, such as the role as a leader, time and self-management, body language, rhetoric, presenting and moderating, team development, communication, conflict management, leading in a crisis and many more. 


In recent years, I have also repeatedly designed and conducted holistic and interdisciplinary "retreats for entrepreneurs and executives".


Before becoming a coach and mediator (M.A.), I gained experience as a social worker (B.A.) for 5 years in an emergency shelter for young men in Australia, as well as in a small therapy facility for women with addiction and life problems. 

I am happily married and "blended-mum" of 3 kids (part-time). Together with my husband Ben and friends from many nations, we volunteer in innovative projects that create solutions for societies.

Otherwise I have a passion for nature, mountains, cardio sports, cultures and international food.


# Master in "Consulting, Mediation and Coaching" at the Münster University of Applied Sciences

# Bachelor in "Social Work" at the Georg-Simon-Ohm University of Applied Sciences Nuremberg


Qualifications and trainer certifications

Values-Cockpit, Persolog, basic qualification in adventure education



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