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 How do I prepare for the future?                      

Who am I and what am I here for? 

                      How do I become innovative?                                                                                                                                  How do I gain inner strength?  

                                                                                                               How do I initiate transformation?                                                                                                       

How do I learn to act from inner peace?   

How can I further develop my inner attitude?

How do we as an organization develop resilience for current and future crises?

How do I develop the ability for inner presence and personal integrity?      

Intensive Coaching &

In coaching, I support leaders in (re-)activating their own strengths and abilities to shape change processes or to cope with a current challenge, and to allow new solution paths to emerge by adopting different perspectives. If required, the Leadership Potential Cockpit or the Persolog Personality Profile can be integrated into the process for personality analysis. 


Coaching is a free, active and self-responsible process based on cooperation and mutual trust. In doing so, I am convinced that all the resources someone needs to solve the issue already lie within that person. Every person is and remains an expert for his or her own life and professional context. I see myself as an expert for the process and enable people to think beyond their usual framework. And that releases new ideas and solutions!


Intensive - COACHING  & companionship

Intensive - COACHING 

1 / Vorgespräch

45 mins (Online | MS Teams)

The free and non-binding preliminary talk serves to get to know each other. 

I am happy to answer questions and present the approaches, methods, goals and framework conditions of individual coaching.before,

2 / Intensive - Coaching 

2 days in presence


The intensive coaching can take place either on my premises (in 51674 Wiehl) or at another location. 

3 / Online - Coaching / Follow up 

2 - 3 h (Online | MS Teams)


Depending on the intensity of the topic, additional accompaniment can be arranged in the form of several online sessions of 3 hours each. In any case, after the intensive coaching, a follow-up (2h | online) should take place to ensure that the integration of the findings into everyday life is successful.

An INTENSIVE coaching serves to work intensively on a clearly defined concern such as decision-making, overcoming an inner blockade, reflecting on one's own values and vision within two days. 


How does INTENSIVE Coaching work?




Companionship over a long period of time has the aim of intensively developing one's own personality and leadership without being able to define a concrete and definable concern at the beginning.

How does a WAY ACCOMPANYING work?

1 / Vorgespräch

45 mins (Online | MS Teams)

After the free and non-binding preliminary talk, we can decide together whether ACCOMPANYING is the right thing to do in the current phase.

2 / Intensive - Coaching 

2 days in presence


These two days serve as a "kick-off" for the cooperation. Here we will work out a "backlog" of the coaching topics together and start with the important topic.

3 / Online  - Coaching 

3 h / month (Online | MS Teams)


An online coaching session takes place every month, in which we work on further topics step by step and I intensively support the implementation of the findings in everyday life. 

MS - Teams serves us as a collaboration platform for communication and the provision of additional materials  related to the respective coaching topics.

4 / Closing

2 days in presence


In order to secure the insights of the process and to plan their implementation for the future, we conclude the support with two intensive coaching days. 

Another follow-up can be arranged after about 3 months to ensure the desired change in everyday life. 

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