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 How can we come to a solution quickly?                      

How can we all "win"

                      We need an agreement that is binding.                                                                                                  How can we save energy and time?   

                                                                                                               How do I properly deal with conflicts?                                                                                                       

How can we improve our communication?   

Can we restore our relationship?

How can we finally invest our strength, energy and attention in something essential again?  

Fair & fast
for a win-win solution

I accompany companies to fairly and quickly identify the core of the conflict and to work out a sustainable win-win solution.


In doing so, I follow the principles of the Mediation Act.

The end result is an agreement that is binding for all parties.

In the process, the interests and needs of all parties are taken into account. In addition to the conflict issue, the way of dealing with each other is clarified and the relationship is strengthened.


Mediation is a professional and structured process that is regulated by the Mediation Act. The German legislator promotes mediation because it has many advantages over court proceedings: self-determination and planning security for the parties involved, the goal of a future-oriented and sustainable win-win solution, high chances of success (80-90%), strengthening of relationships, promotion of communication and conflict skills, cost and time savings, and much more.



MEDIATION - Process 

When can mediation be useful?

Mediation can be useful, for example, in a (management) team conflict, a conflict between a manager and the team, a shareholder conflict, in the process of company succession, in restructuring processes or in a conflict between companies.



How does a mediation process work?



1 / Preliminary Conversation

45 mins (Online | MS Teams)

In a free preliminary conversation, we check whether the conflict is suitable for mediation. Decisive for this is, for example, the willingness of all parties involved in the conflict to actively participate in the conflict resolution, as well as the current escalation level of the conflict.

2 / Mediation Process

approx. 3 sessions of 4 - 6 hours each


A mediation process consists of an average of 3 sessions. The scope can be adjusted as needed.

In some cases, it can be helpful to have one-on-one talks with everyone involved in the conflict before the first session.

3 / Follow up 

2 - 3 h (Online | MS Teams)


A follow-up (online) is agreed a few weeks or months after the mediation process to ensure that the implementation of the agreement is successful.

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