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Leadership workshops

Inner presence & personal integrity
Authentic leadership from the inside out

As people in positions of responsibility, it is important for us to exert influence, bring about change and continuously improve our own performance. Often we realize only late that in this constant activity we have lost access to ourselves. We may appear successful to others, but if we are completely honest with ourselves, we are overloaded in our heads, but undernourished in our deepest core. 


In this workshop we want to dare to consciously enter into relationship with ourselves with the goal of not only reacting to external demands in everyday leadership, but to act from an inner presence and a personal integrity and to act from who we are and the values we represent.

Day 1:

- The creative space between stimulus and reaction

- Self-leadership in practice with the Inner Team by F. Schulz von Thun

- Sustainable change in thinking, feeling & acting


Day 2:

- Discovering purpose & values

- Living in resonance with myself, with others and with the world

- Cultivating mindfulness & focus

The workshop can be booked
 as an in-house workshop 

Resilient organization
A culture for future competence & innovation capability


So what does resilience have to do with innovative capability? A lot! 

Because resilient organizations use stressors and shocks to their advantage to evolve, become stronger, and respond to change in society through new innovations. They have come to terms with the complexity, unpredictability, and partial incomprehensibility of today's world. They do not try to develop solutions for the future from insights of the past, but create psychological security through a trusting culture of dialogue and quality of relationships, which form the basis for success and innovation (an example of this is the Google - study "Aristotle"). 

In this workshop we will deal with the factors for more resilience in the company in order to make the own company strong and relevant for the present and the future.

Day 1:

- Antifragility in the BANI - World.

- The power of authenticity & vulnerability

- Psychological safety & culture of dialogue as a prerequisite for innovative capacity


Day 2:

- The U-Process of Innovation 

- The 4 fields of communication & encounter

The workshop can be booked 
as an
in-house workshop 

From performance to impact
Change through inner transformation


We often live under constant pressure to perform. Why? Because we think we are what we do. In order not to endanger our identity, the wheel has to keep turning.

If we dare to go inward, have the courage to let go and gain access to our identity, then in the long run we will have all the more power and inner peace from who we are on the outside. 


But how do we do that? We need the courage to engage with the inner place from which we act. This requires the willingness to let go of the familiar and open ourselves to inner transformation. 


Day 1: 

- The black box of the subconscious mind

- The crisis as a gift

.- Open mind & open heart


Day 2:

- Letting go

- Blank Canvas

- My contribution to the world

The workshop can be booked 
as an
in-house workshop 

The inner attitude of transformation shapers
Responsibly creating our future together


For the creation of sustainable transformation, the further development of one's own attitude and personality is essential. Only when I no longer have to fight for my own happiness can I break free from my ego-centeredness and begin to invest my life in the development of others and in the realization of a vision that is greater than myself.

When we live our purpose, we will realize the powerful and identity-creating pull this vision of the future has on our leaders, employees and customers. We will then learn to think, act and communicate effectively from this purpose.

This further development of our own attitude and the attitude in our own company is a path on which we must consciously take each individual step. 


Day 1:

- Different attitudes in personal development

- Determining one's own position

- My next development steps


Day 2:

- Purpose - Leadership

- Facilitator of a trusting dialog culture

- Culture development in the company

The workshop can be booked 
as an
in-house workshop 

Loving conflicts
Causing cultural development and growth


What is my attitude toward conflicts in my own company? Do I perceive them as threatening and - depending on my personal conflict style - try to flee from them, ignore them or fight against them? How can I succeed in discovering them as an opportunity for new solutions and for deepening relationships? How can I succeed in using conflicts as an opportunity for cultural development and for growth and innovation in the company? And how do I communicate properly to achieve win-win solutions?



Day 1:

- Conflicts as a prerequisite for development and innovation

- Learning to love conflicts. But how?

- Feedback & learning culture


Day 2:

- From conflict to win - win - solution

- Effective communication - GFK according to M. Rosenberg

- Using diversity for growth

The workshop can be booked 
as an
in-house workshop 


Inspiration for

We experience holistic and sustainable transformation in the company when leaders start to allow and shape change within themselves. For we can only multiply what is within us.


I am happy to inspire change processes in order to put leaders in a positive frame of mind for the upcoming transformation and to provide tools for individual further development.


Topics for events can include topics of the leadership workshops (see above)..

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