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Module 1 

The revive journey of transformation


For many years I have studied the topic of sustainable transformation from a scientific, psychological and spiritual viewpoint. Over the years, I have developed the revive journey of transformation from my insights, from my very personal experiences and from my coaching practice.

In the first module we learn about the different steps of the revive journey of transformation. In addition, I would like to share some thoughts on the current challenges and opportunities leaders of our societies are facing.

I want to sharpen our spiritual understanding of the incredible opportunity that exists right now to serve these people with the power of HIS love and to lead them into freedom.

For this, we as coaches may learn to work in HIS transforming power, and at the same time learn to speak  a language that is understood in the secular world by complementing spiritual truths with valuable psychological and scientific insights. In our time together it is essential to learn to discern the spirits, because the coaching - world is extremely influenced by spiritual currents such as the "New Age", which in outward appearance is very close to the truth, but whose roots are evil.

Learning materials

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