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Now it´s time.
Let´s start.

God loves His world and He longs to transform people companies and economies according to His perfect image. 
In this era, He is placing spirit-filled mentors and coaches alongside high-positioned leaders of all spheres of influence at an incredible frequency and speed. A multitude of Jesus devoted catalysts are hearing His call into these spheres of influence and are asking themselves: "Me? How?" So did I. 
When God called me, I was initially afraid to go into these secular, high-performing cultures of executive leaders. Until I learned I´m placed there for one reason: heart transformation. I am there to shake minds that hold hearts captive. I´m there to create a safe place for inner and outer transformation. 
Through my Master's degree in "Counseling, Mediation and Coaching" in  2015, I enjoyed an excellent education.  However, over the years as a Business Coach, Mediator and Leadership Trainer, the Holy Spirit taught me how to combine the prophetic with the professional and how to expose fearful attitudes and structures with science that proves biblical truths.

For many years, God has been revealing to me that He is preparing a tribe of mentors, who are ready to go wherever God is calling them. Their prayers are moving heaven. Their words are shaking the earth.
These Coaches and Mentors are highly professional and at the same time operate out of God´s authority. They walk in divine wisdom and revelation. They accelerate and set into motion the purposes of God. They activate heavenly solutions for people, companies and economies.
Over the past few years, I created the revive curriculum, which combines professional coaching tools with spiritual revelation. 

Now is the time. Let's start.

revive curriculum


revive curriculum

modules overview

revive curriculum

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Any questions?
Please drop me a message! 

Thank you! I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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